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AB VILKMA is one of the largest clothing production and export companies in the Baltic countries that not only provides production services but also manages two private brands – VILKMA BESPOKE and HUGINN MUNINN.

Our team currently consists of 230 specialists in various fields. Their know-how and experience are a vital part of our successful business.


We believe that when working together, we can successfully overcome everyday obstacles and find new solutions that allow us to offer products of the highest quality and unique design. We respect and value every member of our team, as we believe that contribution of everyone is important to the overall result. We aim for every member of our team to have the same opportunities to constantly improve, create and exceed their own and the team’s expectations. We encourage learning and can enable You to take the first steps in your career during your studies.


We love clothes, constantly changing fashion, and sustainable manufacturing solutions. If you are also interested in this – come and work among like-minded people! Welcome to the world of business and fashion!

Send your CV to:
Phone for inquiries:
+370 616 089 16



  • The fast-paced and dynamic fashion business world will become Your workplace.
  • You will have a unique opportunity to learn, grow and pursue a career in the fashion business.
  • Every day, you will watch and learn from fashion business professionals and famous brands.



  • Work relationships based on respect and trust in a friendly environment.
  • Objective assessment of work and open dialogue between manager and employee.
  • Internal training for employees focused on development and growth.
  • The opportunity to combine studies and work.
  • A fair salary and motivating bonuses depending on work results.
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