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What does Vilkma Bespoke service consist of?
Your individual Vilkma Bespoke shirt sewing experience consists of the following parts:
- Consultation with the Shirtmaker, who will help you choose a fabric from an extremely wide range of more than 2,500 Italian fabrics. Also, taking into account your wishes, the Master will adjust the shirt model and elements to your body shape and lifestyle.
- Body measuring procedure, during which the Shitrmaker will take careful measurements of your body.
- Fitting of the test shirt, if the Shirtmaker decides during the first meeting, after assessing the features of your figure, that the sewing of the test product is necessary.
- Collection of the individually tailored shirt, during which the Master will invite you to try on the final shirt. After making sure that the product fits, the Shirtmaker will hand you your neatly prepared, one-of-a-kind shirt.
I am ordering a shirt not for the first time, do I have to come to the salon if I want to repeat the order?
If you visited the Vilkma Bespoke shirt salon no more than 12 months ago and you are sure that your body measurements have not changed since your last visit, from now on you have the opportunity to design a shirt on our e-platform "E-BESPOKE". Here you can choose the shirt silhouette, details, fabric, and embroidery of initials. The shirt will be sewn according to your measurements, which we have saved in our system.
How much does Vilkma Bespoke shirt cost?
The price of Vilkma Bespoke shirts depends on the type of fabric you choose. The price of the full service starts from €145 + VAT.
How do I book an appointment with the Shirtmaker?
You can choose the time most convenient for you to meet our Shirtmaker in our electronic reservation form, which you can find in the Book a visit section of the Vilkma Bespoke page. You can also do this by calling the phone number +370 626 52 636.
How long will it take to make the shirt?
Production of Vilkma Bespoke shirts take about 3* weeks.
*Production time may be extended depending on when the customer registers for a test product fitting if the Shirt Master has decided that such a product is needed. Also, in rare cases, the shipment of ordered fabrics may be delayed.
Can custom shirts be returned?
According to the decision of the State Consumer Rights Protection Service, products that meet individual needs cannot be returned.
Can you mend my shirt if it's worn out?
We can repair your Vilkma Bespoke shirt for an additional fee. For repairs, please call +370 626 52 636 or email
Can I buy a gift card?
We can offer to purchase both physical and electronic gift cards (in pdf format).

The price of the Vilkma Bespoke gift card includes the full service and an assortment of exclusive fabrics. For an additional fee, we can pack the physical gift card in a luxurious gift box.

You can buy a gift voucher in the Vilkma Bespoke salon, by calling +370 626 52 636, or in our e-shop.
Who can use the E-bespoke shirt creation platform?
The "E-BESPOKE" service can only be used by our registered customers who have visited the physical Vilkma Bespoke salon and have been professionally measured. If you visited the salon more than 12 months ago, we recommend that you register for an appointment with the Shirt Master to update the information about your measurements.
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