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We care a lot
Social responsibility

We are a socially responsible company that fulfills our obligations to clients, employees and business partners. We seek to ensure our employees’ rights and increase productivity, transparency, the safety of our products and systems, and the ethical and environmentally sound manufacturing of products and provision of services. This is confirmed by independent audits of our business ethics and social responsibility that have been executed repeatedly at the request of our client.

Financial assurance

We manage settlement procedures and implement financial obligations reliably and steadily.

Quality management system

The quality management system has been certified under the ISO 1900:2015 and ISO 4001 standards. We are also verified by the United Nations conduct. Continuous monitoring and improvements to the system help to ensure optimized production, management and business-organization procedures.

Excellence and technologies

Modern production lines and professional tailors’ work provide an opportunity to meet every customer’s expectations and fulfill all orders placed, from small, non-repeat orders to regular ones placed in large quantities.


We are a forward-thinking fashion company. For this reason, we always try to meet our customers’ sustainability standards.


– We cut down waste in the production chain by using up all of our leftover fabrics.


– We can offer sustainable packaging options.


– We can source sustainable fabrics and trimmings that match customer’s preferences.

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