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Clothing manufacturing
Looking for an ethical clothing manufacturer based in the EU? Look no further than VILKMA! VILKMA factory combines quality craftsmanship with a strong commitment to ethical practices. Our state-of-the-art facility adheres to strict environmental and labor standards, ensuring that our manufacturing processes have minimal impact on the planet and the workers involved. VILKMA factory takes pride in using sustainable materials and implementing fair labor practices, creating clothing that is not only stylish but also socially responsible.
Pattern design
Product development
Designing, amending and grading patterns (Gerber & Lectra software).

Selecting fabric, all sewing and packing elements from our or client's nominated suppliers all over the world.
Cutting and fusing of parts
Cutting with automatic machines both large production orders and samples/sample collections. We are very skilled in matching checks & stripes using Gerber 9.0, Lectra and Bullmer CAM.
Sewing utilizing newest equipment from Juki and specific semi-automatic sewing devices from Maica. We are very proud of our skilled production personnel as even today's modern technologies cannot replace operator's workmanship.

Our sewing lines are organized to produce both - samples, sample collections and bulk orders.
Special services
Embroidering, soft, enzyme etc washing, bleaching and prints are additional services we can offer utilizing our own and our partner's
Finishing and packing
We iron, fold and pack. Products may be marked with barcodes or other special marks.
We embroider logos, symbols and initials on both one-off and bulk products.
On client's request we arrange efficient and reliable delivery of ready-made garments to any country in the world, to multiple destinations, warehouses, shops and private customers.
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